Peep The Jewels The Frieda & Nellie Designers Actually Wear

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    What do you get when you combine the braided friendship bracelets of your childhood with Grandma's vintage jewelry? Besides a crazy generational combination, you get rad jewelry line frieda&nellie.

    Inspired by the mantra "Reuse, repurpose, reinvent," best friends Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reid have been mixing colorful, handmade bracelets with rare vintage pieces (some actually from their grandmothers' collections) since 2010 and have garnered super-fan loyalty from the likes of Elizabeth Olsen, Kirsten Dunst, and, well, us.

    So, which jewels actually make it into your daily accessory rotation when you're superstar jewelry designers like Stacy and Sarah? We caught up with the duo to find out. Click through to do a little jewelry stalking — these ladies are all about the layers.

    Photographed by Sam Mancuso

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