Is Yoko Ono Playing A Big Joke On Us? Because…Look

Yoko Ono once gained notoriety for her experimental films that obsessively studied the butt, so when Opening Ceremony announced its menswear collaboration with Ono, we had a feeling the resulting line was going to kick some gluteus maximus. And boy were we right. Upon perusing the just-released collection, it's clear that the artist/icon/being-from-another-universe's predilection for the rear really takes center stage.
Based on a book of line drawings she gave John Lennon for their wedding, "Fashions for Men" envisions a bunch of curious, tush-focused garments. Call us conservative, but pants with cut-out butts or bright, contrasting hands on the crotch might not make the most practical of purchases — but then again, those wearing Ono's light-up man-bras probably don't have practicality on the mind.
But the point is this: The project came from a conceptual sketch originating from a conceptual artist based on a very specific concept — so naturally the real-world renderings feel, well, a little out there. Even though we don't know many guys who would be excited about a butt hoodie or a chest-piece made out of plexiglass that encourages wearers to "Ring For Their Mommy Piece," the idea that a sketchbook shared between Yoko and John has been brought to life — by none other than Opening Ceremony — is charming...electric nipples and all.