12 Gym Pieces You Need For Your Next Workout

Workout clothing is not one-type-fits-all. We live in the ClassPass era, which means we're not just sticking to one kind of workout. One day, we might hit a Hamilton-themed cycling class; the next, we're going all Gigi Hadid in the boxing ring (and let's not forget about the new Pilates studio we stumbled upon last weekend).
The state of our workout-clothing drawers, however, hasn't always been up to par — and, no matter how tempting it is, we don't just want to wear the same black leggings to everything. Each class calls for its own essentials — and its own aesthetic. If we're going to dip our toes into a variety of physical activities, we might as well look (and feel) our best at all of them.
Looking for the must-buy pieces for your every workout? We've found 'em. Click through to be stylishly prepared for your next sweat-fest.