15 Going-Out Shoes That Can Bear The Elements

Excitement over a night out can be easily halted by one familiar thought: "What shoes do I wear with this?!" Even worse, though, is when your query is met by inclement weather. Soon, you find yourself stuck with very limited options (because those sparkly four-inch heels you've been saving for a weekend dance-a-thon don't mesh well with slippery streets, do they?). And if you're not into paying for an Uber all night long, or tossing in the towel altogether for a night of pizza and chill — well, we've got one other solution that might just solve everything.
They may not be the shiny stilettos of your dreams, but the 15 paris of shoes ahead are perfect for trekking around the city — foul weather being no exception. That means embracing lug soles, thicker boots, and treaded bottoms designed for rain, snow, and whatever other obstacles the universe throws your way.