The Bahamas: Not Your Parents’ Kokomo

White sand, affectionate honeymooners, fruity frozen cocktails waiting to creep up on you: These are all obvious indicators of island living, or, more specifically, resort living — you know, the easy, convenient, and oftentimes luxe lifestyle tourists come to enjoy. Heck, I'll be the first to admit that I drink the all-inclusive Kool-Aid piña coladas.
But, on my latest trip to the Bahamas, I wanted to experience the country's rich culture and its lush offerings. Yes, that did include services from the mega resorts (relaxation is the name of their game, after all) but also some local gems, fare, and things you only dream of when you're on the clock. Take a five-minute break from that Excel sheet and meet my tropical paradise — no Tommy Bahama shirts included.

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