A Stunning L.A. Artist Spills The Secrets To Glowy, Effortless Beauty

We’re all about the slashies: those creative souls whose talents can't possibly be contained by just one occupation. So, when we first met Wendy Polish, we mistook her for a gorgeous model-slash-actress — just blame those razor-sharp cheekbones (and that face!). But in actuality, Polish has an eponymous textile and card line, designs packaging for local brands, and is the co-founder (along with master makeup artist Jo Strettell) of Le Feu de L’Eau, the coolest candle company in town.
Naturally, we couldn’t wait to discover how this polymath stays so fresh-faced while running her thriving companies and raising her adorable 12-year-old daughter (yes, we fact-checked that last bit — twice!). The stunner showed us around her dreamy Silverlake abode and chatted with us about art, timeless style, and natural beauty. Behold, our new BFF...

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