The 10 Weirdest Things We Found On The TSA’s Instagram

The nerves in your temple start to twitch every time the passenger ahead of you ambles up to airport security like it's the first time they've ever flown. The studded belt. The handful of change in their pocket. The laptop they forgot to take out of their carry-on. You bite your lip and try not to lose your shit. For this, among other reasons, going through airport security can be stressful
Now, imagine lining up behind a traveller trying to sneak, say, a sword into a duffle bag. Judging from the TSA's surprisingly fascinating Instagram feed, it happens — a lot. The agency has started posting snapshots of the more interesting things it's confiscated, which essentially amounts to enough firearms to outfit an NRA convention, and so many martial arts weapons that we're half expecting to bump into Leonardo and Donatello at Auntie Anne's in Terminal C. 
Fair warning: We won't blame you if the photos ahead put you off air travel for good. Oh, and Miami International Airport? We've got our eye on you.

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