5 Amazing Animal Prints That Will Never Catch On

Now that Bambi prints are the new leopard, and leopard is the new neutral, there's a race to see how many animal-inspired spots and stripes we can apply to our clothing. Beetles, giraffes, dalmatians, and even cows have gotten their moment on the runway, and if bugs and household pets have had their particular patterns replicated for clothing, it seems there's no real rhyme or reason to what's being deemed fashion-cool and what's simply not gonna happen.
Though an iridescent, slightly mottled, rainbow-striped coat seems cool in theory, explaining that it's "a trout print!" just doesn't quite roll off the tongue with any conviction. To prove our point (and also, use this as an excuse to talk about some really pretty animals), we've highlighted the five most underrated dressers in the animal kingdom. And, who knows, maybe next season everyone will want a boer-goat-print satchel. Weirder things have happened.

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