5 Squad Trips That Aren’t Overdone

Photo by Mi-Anne Chan / @misobella.
Summer just isn't complete without a big trip, and there are few better ways to travel than with a bunch of people you like enough to call your BFFs. As we get older, though, our careers, S.O.s, and endless responsibilities make friend vacations harder to commit to. Suddenly, abandoning real life for a week of fun feels practically taboo.
Still, since we're all for breaking a few "adulting" rules in the name of making memories, we've put together a list of unexpected, off-the-beaten-path destinations that might not be on your crew's radar just yet. And because packing is another major headache to contend with, we've come up with a "must-bring" list for each place — from quality camping gear to an emergency reserve of bubbly that'll keep every day festive. We promise that as soon as you clink glasses on your first group night out, you'll be reminded of why unique bestie adventures are worth rebelling for.

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