Peep Gaga's Dangerous Demon Eyes Tonight On Bravo

In additional Gaga news, we've just been told that the pop princess will be making an appearance on tonight's episode of Bravo's Double Exposure , sporting the biggest, freakiest, painted-on eye makeup we've ever seen for a shoot she calls "Hello Pussy." While the Hello Kitty pictures already made news last year, this is the first time we've seen her peepers quite so close. Apparently she's started a trend, with girls in Japan buying the humungo contacts as fast as Louis Vuitton Speedys (opticians have warned the contacts can cause infections and blindness). Also on tonight's episode is former beau, Matthew Williams (not Luc Carl), encouraging her to work the pole "as you know how to work it...", referring to both a stripper pole and apparently...uh, his pole. An annoyed Gaga responds that she only plays with older aristocrats. Naomi Campbell also makes a cameo tonight, screaming at the cast and crew like the crazy diva she is. We know where we'll at 11pm.
Double Exposure airs tonight, 11p.m. EST on Bravo.

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