Lady Gaga's New Boyfriend Is Not A Famewhore

It seems like Lady Gaga may be wishing for her pre-fame days, returning to her former man, Luc Carl, whom she dated several years ago. The battered-looking bartender, who claims he's 29 on his Myspace page (and wtf—who has a Myspace page in 2010), adamantly refuses to discuss Gagaloo with reporters. In the bar where he works, St. Jerome's, there's a sign near the telephone that warns employees to tell busybodies "I don't know Luc." Despite the media attention, the Lady seems smitten—she drank some red wine there Saturday night, and made a public appearance with him last month at the Mets game. While we still remain in the dark about the dude, we do know that he has "slicked black hair, [a] Cadillac car, and a teenage dream." He describes his dream date as "Blonde. Ridiculously expensive perfume. 6" heels." (sounds familiar). Here's to hoping it's not a bad romance. (New York Post)

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