Where To Score Cool, On-Trend Duds No One Else Will Have

As people who love clothes, we think there are few better feelings than the one you get when you score an amazing piece of clothing you know no one else has. Even better when your fashion peers all clamor to ask you where it's from. Better even than that? Having a good story to share about it, like that one time your favorite website clued you into emerging online fashion retailer W Concept (hint, hint).

Focusing on predominantly young, up-and-coming designers in Seoul, W Concept is full of trend-forward, contemporary priced pieces that just ooze cool. You can find all the fashion-girl trends we talk about in one place, from your extra-long sleeves to your grandma heels. And most items won't cost you more than $200. So if you're overdue for putting a pause on your Zara addiction, or your wardrobe could use a new compliment-getter, click on to see our picks — we're blowing the lid off this shopping secret.

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