This Instagram Account Proves That Goth Can Also Be Girly

There's a lot more to goth style than simply wearing all black. Monochrome outfits worthy of a second glance call for a level of finesse. Which is something Bloody Roses fashion blogger Vu Thien understands perfectly. Her Instagram feed, @vuthien239, is the epitome of nouveau-goth: It's filled with classic creepers, graphic-heavy tops, teenage-angst-y add-ons, and even a signature plum lip that rounds out her badass, punk-infused style.
But, in truth, her feed is also pretty feminine. Where there are moody pouts and dark hues, there are also flared miniskirts, fishnet stockings, and sky-high platforms for balance. Follow Thien's feed for plenty more styling cues — and shop a few of the looks, too. Ahead, we've selected our 10 favorite outfits that serve as proof that an added dose of grunge can do no harm.