Here’s How To Use A Social Media Photo To Do Some Good Today

Photographed by Savana Ruedy.
For many of us, posting to social media is a regular part of our days. We share photos of our outfits, pics of the dishes we're enjoying, and some of us — no shade! — are even guilty of posting disgruntled selfies when we experience a slight inconvenience during our daily commute. So how cool would it be if one of those posts could do some good? And, yes we do mean even more good than the secret gratification you get from mocking that man-spreader on the subway. This week, one of your social media posts can make a difference for the over 12 million girls around the world who are married before the age of 18 every year.
Child marriage robs girls of their basic human rights to health, education, and safety, which puts them at greater risk of violence and poverty. Vow For Girls, an anti-child marriage non-profit organization, wants to end that tragic domino effect for girls. This week, anyone can help by posting a special photo on social media.
Here's how it works: Share a photo of your ring finger, tag three friends in the caption, and use the hashtag #VowForGirls. Be sure to also tag @VowForGirls, @CrateAndBarrel, @TheKnot, and @PeninsulaHotels. For every single post, like, and share, Vow's partners will donate $1, up to $50,000, to Vow. The money raised will go toward standing up for girls' rights and preventing child marriage.
The campaign begins Monday, October 7 and will run through Friday, October 11. That means that photo posing in your #OOTD, sipping on your morning latte, or just holding the subway railing can help raise money for a good cause.

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