The "Vertical Piercing" Is L.A.'s Raddest New Earring Trend

Photo courtesy of Brian Keith Thompson/Body Electric.
The daith. The snug. The constellation. If it seems like celebrity piercers usher a new trend into the beauty zeitgeist every few months, it's because, well, you're kind of right — but that's not exactly by design.
"I find lots of women are more adventurous now," L.A.-based piercer Brian Keith Thompson tells R29, "So they come in and let me decide what to do to their ears." Hell, Beyoncé, Scarlett Johansson, and FKA Twigs trust him, so it makes sense that during the month he favored the rook, for example, it created a massive uptick in L.A. But the origin story behind the latest trend is different.
"I started doing stacked piercings because a lot of people were coming in with original lobe piercings that were placed too low," he explains. Whether it's leftover from a 5th grade mall trip or just poor placement, Thompson started adding to them instead of ignoring or replacing them.
The result is what he calls "the vertical lobe" piercing, a stacked effect that's popular whether you have a low piercing to start or not — and it's pretty damn cool. Keep clicking for everything you need to know about this rad new trend coming out of L.A.

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