What 8 Different Women Wore When They Fell In Love

They say love comes at a price, but we beg to differ — what with the price of fast fashion going up every season and designer sneakers that cost more than your average car payment. Put simply: fashion costs. But when it comes to buying for special occasions, say, a first date — how much is too much? Can you really put a price on making a first impression?
It turns out you can. And the women in the slideshow ahead tried a slew of different things to find their match. Where some shopped, others didn't. And where some stayed true to themselves, some listened to their alter ego. But no matter what, the night they fell in love was a night they'll never forget, though remembering (and in some cases, trying to remember) what they wore is but a memory.
Some will make you smile, while others might remind you of a certain something in your own wardrobe that might never see the light of day again. But the lesson to learn here is simple: Keep your clothes. You never know how much you love them until you can't anymore.