We Tried 5 Different Bikini Care Products — & This Is What Worked

Most of us have been there: Showering in a rush with razor in hand, blindly going over your stray pubic hairs while hoping and praying you don't end up with a red, bumpy result or an ingrown hair. It's the beauty equivalent of a fender bender that will ruin your morning and leave you with a headache to deal with later.
We believe that there's no right way to approach your bikini line, whether that means meticulously tweezing every stray or fully embracing a bush, but for those who regularly shave, and have dealt with the aftermath, we're here to remind you that you're definitely not alone.
So what's the solution? "You should always be shaving in the direction of hair growth (not against the grain like most people do), using a good lathering product to protect the skin, and using a sharp, clean razor," board certified dermatologist Monique Chheda, MD, reminds us. Still, ingrowns can happen. She adds that if things get bad — and your ingrown turns cystic — you should go see a professional. "Boils can sometimes result from an ingrown that has been chronically irritated, " explains Dr. Chheda. "These can be treated with a small steroid injection in a dermatologist's office to help reduce the inflammation and calm it down."
Luckily, you can cut an ingrown off at the pass if you treat it properly with exfoliating, antibacterial products. In an effort to dodge the worst case scenario, our staffers put bikini products to the test and are sharing their unfiltered opinions, ahead.
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