The Lipstick Line You Don't Know About (But Totally Should)

Photo: Courtesy of Uslu Airlines.
We like to think we're pretty well-versed in the world of lipsticks. From Tom Ford to Nyx, OCC to Hourglass – we've tried 'em all and can talk to you endlessly about which brands are best, why we love them, and which shades are must-tries.
So, it came as a bit of a shock to us when we stumbled upon a line that was completely absent from our collective lipstick knowledge base. We've been followers of Berlin-based Uslu Airlines and their super-cool nail lacquers for years now, and while we were vaguely aware of the fact that they had other cosmetics in their arsenal, they weren't ones we'd yet experienced for ourselves.
All that changed recently when one of our editors became enchanted by the hot pink hue known as BIR (Uslu names all of their products using international airport codes). After seeing the creamy, dreamy shade on her lips, we were mesmerized. We decided to dig deeper and learn everything we could about these unsung lip heroes.
What we found inside that innocuous white plastic tube were some of the most inventive, fun-to-wear shades we've ever encountered, along with a lush, lip-nourishing, long-wearing formula that brought a tear to our lipstick-loving eyes.
So much do we love these unique beauties, that we've made it our mission to spread the gospel of Uslu to you, dear readers. Ahead, click through to find our favorite, must-try shades. If you consider yourself a true lipstick junkie, then you definitely need to add one (or more) of these to your stash. Cyber Monday shopping spree?

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