The Weirdest Bags You’ll Actually Want To Buy

Let's take a poll: Should you wear your fried eggs or just stick to eating them? How about gummy bears and mushrooms? If you're a little confused as to where this is heading, well, frankly, so are we (but that's not exactly a bad thing). As it happens though, people design some pretty weird stuff — you thought you'd seen it all this week with Beyonce's emoji T-shirts and the footless-pants phenomenon. You haven't. Not even close.
The aforementioned egg is just one of the kooky clutches we spotted while trolling our favorite sites. As in, you carry this egg on your person, not on a plate (for $36.50 or, if you do the math, about 18 dozen cartons of the real deal). What's more, we found 22 bizarre, out-of-left-field, weirdly wonderful bags available for purchase. And, no, you're not crazy for wanting to buy one, too.

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