Surprising New Color Trends For Fall '15

Like clockwork each fall, the same colorways sweep through our favorite stores and e-comm sites en masse. You know 'em well: jewel tones like deep emerald, earthy hues like olive and brown, and brooding shades of maroon and gray. But this time around, instead of relying on the typical autumn spectrum, we're pushing the limits with our seasonal palette and giving it a kaleidoscopic upgrade.

To start, we enlisted the color gurus at Maybelline to help us spot the unexpected shades to break out now. First up, a zesty yellow that reads way more lemon-citrus than predictable mustard in knits, bags, and dresses. Then check out the persimmon hue that will inject life into any dark fall ensemble and the pistachio-mint hybrid we can't wait to sport in our '70s-inspired skirts, jewelry, and more.

Ready to break the rules?

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