6 Black-Owned Brands At Ulta Beauty You Should Know

It’s 2018 and there’s a new standard for inclusivity and diversity in the beauty aisle (finally!). Hair, makeup, and skin-care brands are expanding their product selections to work with many different skin tones and hair types. But there's another level of diversity that we care about when we shop. We think it's also important to support the Black entrepreneurs who are creating products specifically for minority customers, because they were doing it long before the rest of the industry caught on.
Now there are more Black-owned beauty brands around than ever before. These founders offer highly-pigmented cosmetics and natural hair solutions that work, and each product is formulated with dark skin and Afro hair in mind. Many of these brands have huge followings on Instagram before breaking into mass retailers like Ulta Beauty, where the products sit on the shelf alongside old-school brands that have been around for decades. And that's a BFD if you ask us.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up six brands that you must try out during your next Ulta haul — no matter your ethnicity.

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