How To Have Incredible Sex In A Twin Bed

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College hookups can be a hoot. Doing it in a dorm room? Not so much. Exhibit A: the twin beds. Just like Tom Hanks and Wilson were destined to fail when it came to sharing the raft in Cast Away, twin bed bangs often seemed doomed from the start. It can be hard to maneuver without one person falling off. Take it from someone who's been thrown off a full bed while trying to execute a (perhaps over-zealous) position. And if you're in a bunk bed, things can be even more complicated.
“There isn’t a lot of room, so getting in and out of certain positions can feel like you’re using a lot more energy and strength, without the extra space for balance,” says Luna Matatas, sex and pleasure educator. “This can make you feel clumsy or awkward and steal from your confidence.” And no, a "Twin XL" bed won’t really make a difference. 
But there are hacks that can make it less awkward, and you can use the lack of space to get closer to your partner. We asked Matatas for her best advice for taking twin bed trysts from tricky to terrific. 

Talk dirty, but make it functional 

If you need to make a big movement, like switching who’s on top or taking the party down south, use dirty talk to let your partner know what you’re about to do to them. This will help you coordinate movement. “For example, ‘I’m dying to go down on you; lay back and enjoy my kisses down your body,’” Matatas says.

Consider logistics 

Is your bed sturdy? Something to think about. “If it moves, positions like bouncing on top might shift the position of the bed in the room,” Matatas notes. If you’re on a bottom bunk, "try something where one of you is sitting on the edge of the bed and the other person is standing or straddling you,” she says. “Do a standing position against the wall or bend over using the bed as balance.” 

Start slow 

Take a little longer than usual with foreplay. I mean, that's almost always a good idea — who doesn't love it? But in this case, it'll give you both a chance to suss out which positions are most comfy and how much space you really have. Better to do that kind of strategizing when you're still on neck kisses, rather than when you're about to orgasm.

Best sex positions

Choosing the right position is crucial here. The key to good sex on a twin is to try positions that don’t require too much space or balance — but that still give you enough wiggle room for the hookup to, you know, feel good. Matatas suggests these.
Spoon sex position: The big spoon penetrates the little spoon with their fingers, a toy, or a penis, lifting the little spoon's top leg to help with penetration. Great for people who love skin-to-skin contact.
Lotus position: One partner should sit cross-legged, while the other sits on their lap with their legs wrapped around their lower torso. “The bottom can cradle their partner to help them balance,” Matatas says. In tantra, this is known as the “yab-yum” position. 
Belly Down Doggy: This is a modification on doggy style sex. The person on bottom will lie on their stomach with their legs spread, and the parter on top can penetrate them. 
Kneeling Oral: One person can sit or lie on the bed with their legs open and the other partner should kneel on a pillow on the floor while giving oral sex.
Missionary: Traditional? Maybe. Boring? Hell no! Plus, it's small space-efficient. “Put a pillow underneath the person on the bottom to angle their pelvis better and penetrate with varying thrusts,”Matatas suggests. Depending on the sturdiness of your bed, you may not be able to go hard — switch it up with some slower, deeper thrusting.
Mutual masturbation: “Lie in bed snuggled up close and use your hands or sex toys to get each other off,” Matatas suggests. “Maybe try giving a well lubricated handjob or fingering while kissing." Or upgrade to some dry humping — a super-underrated move.

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