How To Make Giving Oral Sex Just As Hot As Receiving

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
To give is to receive, or so they say. While this altruistic sentiment might be applicable to many aspects of relationships, when it comes to oral sex, sometimes the giver is left to wonder what they're receiving, exactly? A bath from their own spit? A neck cramp? A jaw stretch?
Obviously, pleasuring your partner is not a burden, but performing oral sex can often feel like a chore — and that's not really fair. Interestingly, a 2016 study on 900 heterosexual Canadian college students found that 97.1% of men and 95.4% of women enjoy receiving oral sex. But giving oral sex was a different story: women were more likely to enjoy giving oral sex when it was reciprocated, but that doesn't always happen. While this is just one, very heteronormative study, it does paint an interesting picture about women's attitudes about oral sex.
You have a right to enjoy all aspects of oral sex, and that includes receiving it in return. With the right attitude, some expert tips, and patience, giving oral sex can be just as rewarding as receiving it. Read on for

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