Art Deco-Inspired Jewels To Love Forever

Photo: Courtesy of Lionette by Noa Sade.
Art Deco jewelry is unlike anything that came before it in history — loud, geometric, and forward. "A heady, celebratory air flowed through Europe and America after the end of the first World War," explains Doyle & Doyle founder Elizabeth Doyle. "Artists [of all kinds] strove to create a new vocabulary of design, displacing the naturalistic and historicist forms of the 19th century in favor of linear, streamlined shapes."

This gave way to baubles that borrowed their geometry from the period’s most innovative architecture — New York City’s Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center, for starters — and their futuristic motifs and brilliant colors from artists like Pablo Picasso.

For all the love there is for Art Deco jewelry today (thanks, The Great Gatsby movie), it may surprise you to know the period lasted just 15 years, spanning from approximately 1920 to 1935. While there are still plenty of vintage gems to scoop up, you can shop contemporary styles — both costume and fine — inspired by the era, too. The look is so timeless that you're pretty much guaranteed to love the pieces ahead, forever.

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