Trip Out: How One Guy LIVED In Yosemite

While most kids were watching cartoons, Trevor Martin Lee was building a campfire beneath a railroad bridge in Ohio. But, when he mistook a large golf-course hill for a mountain, his mom knew he needed even more time outdoors. So, the family traditions of road-tripping, canoeing, and frozen-river walks began.
Now 27, Lee has turned those adventures into a career. He just spent 10 months working — and living — inside Yosemite National Park (who knew you could even do that?). And, right before his next adventure (Mexico or overseas?), we caught up with him for a rare glimpse into his vagabond life. From scaling a five-story silo in under 60 seconds to wearing only his trusty Tevas to hike in Yosemite, Lee's had-to-be-there stories and genius travel hacks are enough to give the most indoor kids a case of wanderlust. Yes, you're going to want to see this.

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