11 Unexpected Ways To Save Money While Traveling

Illustrated by Seung Won Chun.
When it comes to planning a trip, we tend to only think about the major costs: airfare and lodging. There’s just one issue: You’re going to have to spend money when you get there, too. A lot of money. Between meals, activities, transportation, and all those “gifts for other people” that you’re really going to keep for yourself, the actual cost of living while on a trip can seriously add up — especially if you’re on a budget.
But traveling when you’re strapped for cash doesn’t have to mean saying no to the things you actually want to do. With a few easy hacks, it’s entirely possible to cover necessary costs and still have enough left over for some well-deserved “I’m on vacation” splurges. Click through for more, so the next time you’re traveling, you don’t have to feel guilty about a pricey bottle of wine or that perfect vintage coat.

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