10 On-The-Go Tips For Every Summer Trip

Finally, summer is here, and travel season with it. We couldn’t be more excited for the road trips, cross-country flights, and long-weekend adventures ahead. But, you know what we don’t love? Feeling hot and sticky when we finally arrive at our destination. It’s not exactly how we like to kick off vacation.
On top of that, most of us just don’t have time to do a top-to-toe refresh while on the go. (About five minutes in a crowded airport bathroom or a car’s rearview mirror sounds about right.) So, we’ve found 10 easy ways to feel like your most gorgeous self, even if you’ve just endured a six-hour flight in the middle seat. Better still, these items work their freshening magic in practically no time at all.
From the wrinkle-proof dress that goes with everything to the secret weapon for ultimate freshness, these are our favorite finds that’ll help you arrive in style — and keep you cool throughout your trip, too.

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