Get Your Beach On With 15 Bleached Neon Buys

We hate to admit it, but sometimes we’re workaholics. Staying late to tackle that final to-do? Guilty. Skipping lunch to eat at our desk? Guilty. Checking email on our phone, in bed, on Saturday? Guil...okay, you get the point. Clearly, it’s time for a vacation — preferably a tropical one, where there’s no cell service and that out-of-office message is put to good use.
What’s even more exciting than counting down to our next beachy jaunt? Prepping that packing list with all those sunny-day sidekicks we’ve kept in hiding the past six (very cold) months. Enter these vibrant, vacay-approved pieces that practically scream, “Yes, I’d love another margarita!” Sandals, towels, sunglasses, itty-bitty bikinis — whatever we’re bringing, we’re making it this season’s new take on electric shades. Introducing bleached neon: part pumped-up pastel, part faded brights, 100% on trend.
Ahead, find our roundup of bleached-out neon to stash in your carry-on. Because, if you can’t go all out on vacation, where can you?