TL;DR — I Do Accept This Rose (Clit-Sucking Vibrator)

It's been over a year since the internet went wild for the TikTok-famous "Soul Snatcher," aka the rose vibrator. With so much viral attention, it's no wonder that this handheld suction toy soon spawned a hundred different variations. In fact, one cursory search on Amazon brings up over 8,000 results — each one looking and sounding the same. So, how was I to know which to buy?

Earlier this year, I wrote about how my experience with the rose left me unenthused. I do not accept this rose, I said (vehemently). Which is fine! How many times have we tried a vibrator that turned out not to be for us? Plenty. So, after my lackluster experience, I moved on with my life, silently scoffing at those who praised the never-ending rose options exploding from the internet. Yes, it's true: Not only did I think that the soul-snatching suction toy just simply wasn't for me, but I actively thought it was overhyped and its fans were wrong. But I have come back to redact that statement. It turns out I was the wrong one. Really, really wrong.

In a market oversaturated with replicas, one rose — well — rose to the challenge of my disappointment and knocked me over the damn head with an orgasm so sweet I'm still shaking. Everybody, get ready to meet Rosie, the newest clit sucker from the sex geniuses at Tracy's Dog.
In case you're unfamiliar with Tracy's Dog, its dual-stimulating vibrators (the OG and OG Pro, respectively) have made me black out from pleasure not once but a whopping two times, so I tried to go into my Rosie experience with an open mind. After all, the brand proved itself worthy of at least that despite how underwhelmed I was by my initial rose.

From the outside, Rosie looks no different than your run-of-the-mill rose suction vibrator. She's the same deep red with the appearance of ridged petals and a small hole at the top. But once I had her in my hands, I could tell the difference immediately. Rosie is soft. Like all Tracy's Dog toys, she's made of silky medical-grade silicone, but I think this toy was infused with an extra level of flexibility, so as not to feel too powerful against your more delicate places. Because let me say...this thing is powerful.

With seven whisper-quiet suction speeds, I anticipated being able to warm up through at least the first few. But, unlike my prior experience with a generic Amazon rose toy, Rosie knew exactly how and where to latch on to my clit, and on the lowest of its intensities, it sent orgasm soaring within barely a few seconds.

Yes, you read that right. Seconds.

Wow wow wow...that's all I have to say.

adele, tracy's dog reviewer
The power on this little thing is, frankly, insane. Though the toy claims to have sensations ranging from warm lips sucking to toe-curling, I found that it leaned far to the latter for my own taste. After one earth-shattering orgasm, I couldn't use it for a second orgasm because I was too swollen and sensitive to even try. It's possible my clit is more sensitive than yours, though, and you'll need that powerhouse motor to keep you running. We're all different!

Despite our short session together, I will say that Rosie completely changed my expectations of what a rose suction toy could do, though. I'd initially thought that all rose suction toys were one and the same, but considering how vastly different this experience was from my first, I can definitively say that's not the case. Where the prior rose I'd tried was too loud, Rosie was whisper-quiet (even with her superjuiced motor). The first one took minutes of awkward angling to try and find the right spot, but Rosie just knew where and how to latch on.

Not only that, but because we're all built nice and differently, Tracy's Dog has also put together a handy-dandy Beginner's Guide to Rosie, so you can learn exactly how to get the most bang out of your toy. It has toy placement suggestions, instructions on the different intensities, and even positions to use it in (hello, shower!). That, combined with Rosie's discreet (and adorable) appearance makes her a perfect gift this holiday, especially to someone who's new to sex toys. Honestly, we might go out and buy a whole bouquet of Rosies to hand out this holiday season and beyond (Valentine's Day, anyone?).

Our holiday gift to you? Use special code ROSE25 to get Rosie for an unprecedented 25% off while she's in stock. If I could, I'd grow a garden of Rosies and buy you all a dozen.

You need to run and buy this now. Literally seen God.

rachael, tracy's dog reviewer
Ultimately, I loved Rosie because she made me reevaluate a whole category of toy that I'd blown off. Though we're still at the beginning of our journey together, I look forward to exploring more of the sensations she can coax from me. And now that I've let Rosie into my heart and vagina, I know I'll be less likely to make a snap judgment on a negative first experience with a toy from here on out. You know what they call that? Growth. Join me, and get yours (in more ways than one) now.
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