The Turducken Of Fashion: Stuffing Chanel Bags Into Birkins

Wow. The Coveteur is really living up to its name. Today they took us into the private world of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, whose name we knew well back when she was Director of Special Events at Vogue, but has only opened up her house and handbags now that she has the enviable title of Director of Fashion at Lincoln Center. And just look at them handbags. Not to cast aspersions, but it's clear that Wolkoff is one of those people in the higher echelons of fashion who doesn't know how green with envy she makes people like us feel when she opens her mouth. Witness: "I have some fun vintage Chanel bags, that I bought here in New York and when I was in Paris—they fit great into my Birkins for when I am on the go from office to lunch." Right? And that's just one quote from this must-read interview and tour of her personal possessions. You know, on second thought, maybe Wolkoff knows exactly what she's doing when she opens her mouth. (The Coveteur)

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