Totes R29: 10 Best Submissions From Our 3-Day Weekend Twitter Contest!

Ever since the Fourth of July seriously bummed us out by happening on a Wednesday (rude!), we've been dreaming of the perfect three-day weekend to work on our tans, finish a book, and maybe even travel far enough to find a beach that's not covered in trash. Alas, that dream won't come true for a few more weeks, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend! You all got in on the fun last weekend with our #totesr29 contest, sharing gorgeous photos and inspirational ideas to fill our long-weekend wish list — and some of you were lucky enough to win one of our custom R29 tote bags! Behold the weekend's best tweets. From cliff jumping to beach volleyball, each one is worthy of at least one extra day ... if not two or three!
As for the rest of you lucky ones: Check your Twitter inbox! We're direct messaging all the winners with instructions on how to get your bag in the mail ASAP.
Best Tweets:
@IAmCowboyBob: "Using that bag to carry my lunch on another fishing trip in Cabo. ‪#totesR29‬"
@coeurdecors: "Bringing two loves together.. Beach + Camping ‪#totesR29‬"
@forTHEfree: "I'd rather be at the beach, even if it is in an office building! ‪#totesR29‬"
@LauraLucch: "How I spend my 3-day weekend? By the lake,in the sunshine,zenning out. ‪#totesR29‬ … via @refinery29"
@LibbaCoopa: "I'd rather be at the creek sunning myself on the jumping rocks ‪#totesR29‬"
@asianperswazin: "@refinery29 Shopping, eating, beach, and enjoying the beautiful skyline in ‪#Chicago‬ ‪#TotesR29‬ …?"
@MeghanSpork: "On the beach. Sun, sand and sangria! #totesr29"
@AnnieGering: "Lounging on the Outer Banks: Sun. Surf. Sleep. And probably some fruity tropical drinks and a metric ton of seafood. #totesr29"
@leyash: "Exploring the streets of Rome with a gelato in hand! Maybe a picnic at Villa Borghese"
@CEMedrano: "Beach volleyball in Lima (and then night swimming)!"

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