Top Comments: From Sneaky Secrets To Playful Photos, Our Readers Got Into Fighting Mode

If you missed out on our last contest-commenting-craze, don't worry because we've decided to do it again! This week, we gave away the goods, including a Lady Grey blingin' bangle and a $200 gift card to spend however you please at International Playground. All you had to do was tell us your sneakiest, (and apparently meanest) April Fool's prank or post a laugh worthy pic on our Facebook page of yourself enjoying a "playful moment," which, mostly interesting. We heard (and saw) it all, from contest winner Krista's pregnant scares to our furry four-legged friend Sonja, and of course our winners Joyce and her magical Unicorn friend. With so many to choose from, it was très hard to pick a winner. But we love reading your stories and giving you awesome prizes, so get ready for Monday's (and beyond's) give-away! Check out this week's winners, plus the best of the rest we just couldn't leave unmentioned.
Lady Grey:
Krista: My first long-term boyfriend and I started dating when we were 21. He'd told me a lot about his mom, who is from New Orleans, a hardcore catholic, and a real firecracker. We'd been going out for 6 months when he took me to visit her on April Fools day. He'd convinced me that she could take a joke, so I'd stuffed a little pillow under my dress - when she opened the door she was greeted by her son and his 21 year old girlfriend she's meeting for the first time, looking 6 months along. Her eyes got huge, her mouth dropped open and in her most intense cajun accent she shouted OH MY GAWWWWWD, I NEED A DRINK!!!! Epic. After the pillow came out (she took it well) we got along like a house on fire.

International Playground:

One of the Best Playful Moments: Halloween Photobooth pictures with my best friend. And yes. He is a Unicorn. Which means it was also Magical! :)

The Best of The Rest:

Janny Yang:
My pic for international playground!

Sonja: My mom took this picture of me when I was little. It was the first day of summer and I was so happy to be outside.
Katlyn l Febich: International Playground submission: @ Oktoberfest '09 in München, Deutschland go-cart driving with my Omi, post consumption of 2 liters of Bier.
Fern Trelfa: Don't judge me. When I was a student, my friend called in sick to her bar job once. We went out and had some fun instead. On the way back home, we were walking playing a game where one's blindfolded and the other is led. (it's a trust game ... )When it was my turn to blindfold her, I remembered it was April Fools.So I led her into the job she had called in sick to, and then told her to open her eyes. She took a while to register, yelped and ran out. She hated the job anyway and therefore quit as a result. We laughed about it a lot now. O, the look on her face was priceless!!!! O dear, am I a bad friend?!?!?
g_lady_s: In college last year, my study buddy and I slipped into one of the biggest lecture halls last one night and started playing with the AV equipment. . . pulling up the internet and watching silly vids on the huge projector screen. It was only then when I looked at the date and realized it was APRIL 1st! SO we pulled up Rick Astley's classic with the aim to Rick Roll not just the hundreds of students who came into the first class, but also the prof, when they'd try to pull up the internet screen - we set it as the home page.

This year, I bombarded my boyfriend on the subway ride into work: "We should talk." (He looked panicked.) April Fools! "I'm late..." (He looked panicked.) April Fools! "I think I'm going to be laid off." (He laughed.) April Fools! "We might get evicted." (No longer amused.) April Fools!

Off the train, I called my mom and told her that I won the lottery! (She screeched!) April Fools!

I got to work - it was March 31st.

angelab44: I love this stuff! Best April Fool's prank I pulled off in the 6th grade. I prepped my close friends the day before by telling them that I had a twin sister that lived in Mexico with our father (who didn't actually live in Mexico). I told them she was coming to visit and that she would be in taking my place in school the next day. That no one would know we had switched. So the next day I came in dressed slightly different with a slightly stronger accent and introduced myself to my close friends. At first they didn't believe me, but the more I talked about it I had them convinced! At the end of the day they even called me by my "twin sisters" name and that's when I said APRIL FOOLS! HAHAHA

One of the best jokes I've ever played on someone happened just a couple weeks ago...

A roommate of mine does not shower on a regular basis like most people, so I realized that he's going to have to shower SOME DAY. Keeping this in mind, I put multiple chicken bouillon cubes up near the shower head, so that when he goes to take a shower, he'll end up smelling like soup. Good thing I have a boyfriend that lets me use his shower while the bathroom at my house still stinks like chicken broth!!!