The Standard Hotel Turns Awkward Guest Complaints Into The Best 2014 Calendar

Have you ever filled out a guest comment card after staying at a hotel? Would you ever expect that note to be recreated and turned into a calendar? Probably not. But that's just what The Standard did. The hotel group enlisted its staff to round up the most hilarious, bizarre, and downright awesome guests' letters and special requests. The result might just be the best 2014 calendar we've seen yet.
Sourcing from notes and photos left behind at their hotels in L.A., New York, and Miami, The Standard then hired photographer Thomas Mailaender to create a corresponding visual for each of the notes. A couple of our favorites from the lot: A photograph of a Dachshund in a hot-dog bun to correspond with a note thanking the hotel for taking such good care of a guest's dog, and a note reading, "My girlfriend and I spent lots of money at the bar and on room service. Any compensation would be greatly appreciated." But, don't take our word for it — click through and see the rad photos for yourself. And then order a copy for yourself.