The Row’s Fall Sunglasses Offer Big, Chunky, Olsen-Approved Specs

So the saying goes that diamonds are a girl's best friend. But hey, we're on a bit of a practical-splurges-only diet here—what about sunglasses instead? After all, the face-framing accessories have a sort of save-the-day quality to them, shading our squinting eyes from the unrelenting sun, protecting us from UV rays, and giving us our very own invisibility cloak on those less-than-chipper mornings. Enter the new fall '10 collection from The Olsen's brand,The Row, in collaboration with Linda Farrow. We're liking this new collection of stylish shades much more than their offerings last season, and you'll find boxy, chunky specs and round wire frames that call to mind the wonder years of The Haight. So, next time you've got some cash flow coming your way, skip the gems and go for some funky frames instead.