The Row Will Debut Handbags Early Next Year

For as long as we can remember, we've been taking fashion cues from
Mary Kate and Ashley ever since the trend "hobo chic" was coined.
Oversized everything, Balenciaga motorcycle bags galore, and a Venti latte in hand was
the basic uniform. Then our gals started to grow up. First came The Row: A
more sophisticated and simple line, followed by Elizabeth and
James and Olsenboye for JC Penney.The Row has garnered respect from the fashion industry as being the luxury brand of classic basics, with a slight Olsen twist. It was only
a matter of time before the twins would announce this: The Row will
include handbags and shoes by fall 2011."It would be a proper American
luxury brand, made in America, with retail businesses and maybe
collaborations with other brands," Ashley Olsen said at WWD's CEO
Summit. Yes, you read it right—handbags, shoes, AND possible
collabs with fellow designers? You got it, dude.

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