NSFW Party BIBLE: NYC Comes To Miami

We're not gonna lie, our livers have probably seen better days. On the plus side, we've never been so up on our contemporary art like ever. The madness of Art Basel Miami Beach has finally come to a close...leaving a massive amount of party pictures in its wake. While we didn't hit up all of the festivities (only a crack addict or Clark Kent could), we had our rad crew giving us the inside scoop from the frontlines of all the not-to-be-missed events. After looking over the shots of NYC's marathon event-hoppers from the Andy Warhol tribute (Alber Elbaz made an appearance), an unforgettable Interview rager, ping pong in the pool, and a YSL fashion show at the coolest private residence ever, you may just get a contact hangover from snap number one. The Playboyexperience, however, could give you quite a different feeling.