The Souped-Up Leather Jackets Every Street Style Star Will Be Wearing

Leather jackets have got to be the fashion crowd's MVP, hands down. But it takes a special topper to stand out in a sea of typical black motos — and a newly launched, direct-to-consumer jacket line called The Mighty Company has created just the thing.

Founded by 24-year-old Jessie Willner, The Mighty Company offers a unique range that redefines classic jacket silhouettes, sources high-quality leathers, and partners with Paris mill Malhia Kent on vibrant tweeds. In the launch collection, you can find slim-cut, two-tone leather bombers, studded lapels, and even a bit of metallic fringe, as well as hidden details like lipstick holders and custom hardware.

"I turned the classic biker and bomber shapes into blank canvases and reimagined them," Willner explained to us. "Because of my background in visual art and graphic design, I'm engrained with the meticulousness of the details — the sneaky lipstick holder in the BKR, the double-sided rivets that transform the FRNG into two styles, the hidden stitching under the collar, the custom-built hardware... I wanted each jacket to have little idiosyncratic surprises that you get to discover as you live in it."

Ranging from $695 to $995, these pieces boast a competitive price point in the world of authentic leather jackets (especially considering the added details and unique fabrications). And while they certainly cost more than pocket change, we bet they'll be a favorite among the street-style scene come Fashion Month.

Click ahead to shop these photo-worthy leathers for yourself (before the rest of the fashion crowd does).

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