Why The Marías’ María Zardoya Wears A Puffer Coat In Los Angeles: “Winter Fashion Is My Favorite”

Photo: Courtesy of Aritzia.
When I think of María Zardoya, the lead singer of the Los Angeles-based band The Marías, two colors come to mind: black and red. Since releasing their first EP Superclean Vol. 1, the band, known for their indie pop sounds and Spanglish lyricism in songs like “Hush” and “Un Millón,” has relied on this palette on everything from their album covers to music videos. “I've always loved [Pedro] Almodóvar and how he uses the subtlety of red in his movies,” Zardoya tells Refinery29, referring to the famed Spanish film director. “I feel it’s also representative of passion and love in the Latin culture.”
So imagine my surprise when I saw Zardoya dressed in shades of navy, pale blue, and brown for Aritzia’s new campaign, featuring the brand’s signature Super Puff coat, which will also include influencer Emma Chamberlain, first female Arab-American Nascar driver Toni Breidinger, and California-based model Gabbriette Bechtel. “It’s so comfortable,” she says of the coat, which is known for its subzero temperature resistance and is now available in six new styles, including a cinched version. “I feel like I’m wearing a duvet.” 
Turns out that, aside from jumping into her modeling phase, Zardoya is undergoing a bit of an aesthetic transformation too. Recently, The Marías announced they’ll be entering a “new era” that Zardoya describes as “more grungy and less polished,” and will surely come with new music. It all comes off the heels of their successful collaboration with Bad Bunny in “Otro Atardecer” from the Puerto Rican star’s chart-topping album Un Verano Sin Ti. The collab saw Zardoya take the stage with Bad Bunny in Puerto Rico — where her parents are from — as well as Yankee Stadium, with the performances prompting the singer to experiment with her own stage aesthetics. They also recently partnered with reggaetón producer Tainy and rapper Young Miko for the song “mañana.” 
Now, as she enters a new musical phase and partners with Aritzia, The Marías’ once-niche following is bigger than ever. And Zardoya is ready to welcome old and new fans alike into her world of black and red, even if it’s turning ever darker. “I'm just really excited for the fans and for everybody to see what we've been working on,” she says. “It's a little bit different, but I feel like that's the joy of being an artist, to constantly evolve and just hope that people can evolve with you.”
Zardoya chatted with Refinery29 about her new Aritzia campaign, vintage shopping, and spending the holidays in Puerto Rico
This interview has been edited and condensed
Photo: Courtesy of Aritzia.
R29: You’re partnering with Aritzia now. Tell us more about the campaign. 
MZ: I’ve always liked Aritzia. I love their socks — they’re just cushiony, super soft, and super warm. So when they reached out, it was an obvious “yes.” It was even more obvious when they said it was for the Super Puff. Usually, in shoots, I'm freezing in the studio, so I was like, “Sign me up. I’ll be warm.”
R29: You live in LA, so what will winter fashion for you be this year? Will you wear the Super Puff in LA? 
MZ: Honestly, I think I will because I'm always cold. I would wear a Super Puff in like 65-degree LA weather. Winter fashion is my favorite and I love layering. I love jackets and scarves and hats and boots. But I'm also going to be spending the holidays in Puerto Rico. I just got this dress from Aritzia. It's like this black mini ‘90s-looking Clueless era dress that I’ll probably wear for New Year’s Eve. 
R29: The Marías has always had a fashionable aesthetic. What was the thought behind it?
MZ: I think fashion has always been at the forefront from day one. We have tended to go more vintage, like for our shoots and videos and photos just because I feel like there's like a history there and you're wearing pieces that actually belong at a museum. 
R29: So what are your favorite vintage shops?
MZ: There’s one that’s my all-time favorite — it’s called Aralda Vintage. I’ve been wearing Aralda Vintage since our first music video. I think just the way that it's curated is really, really special and she's doing such a great job.
R29: It’s so hard shopping vintage, though. Any tips?
MZ: I think it takes patience to find out what designers work best on your body and what collections. I tend to love Gucci by Tom Ford. I also love Jean Paul Gaultier. It definitely takes some patience to figure out what you like. But once you do, [the pieces] are with you for life. 
R29: You went on Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour last year. How did you adapt your stage style for those performances? 
MZ: I definitely wanted the wardrobe pieces to be aligned with his aesthetic. The aesthetic for the album was summery and very fun and a bit different from what I would normally wear for a The Marías’ show, which tends to be a little bit more dark. And the colors too, I wanted them to match the colors he had on stage. 
R29: I thought it was a very tropical goth look. 
MZ: That’s exactly it, like a sheer bikini top with combat boots.
Photo: Courtesy of Aritzia.
R29: So now that you’re entering a new musical era, is your style going to change too? 
MZ: I think with Cinema [The Marías’ first LP] it was very classic. I am definitely playing around with some more texture for the next album and almost like shipwreck, a little bit more grungy. [Designer] Elena Velez is on my moodboard. 
The fall/winter 2023 Aritzia SupperPuff campaign, alongside its six new styles, are now available.
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