This Blogger Takes #OutfitLayouts To The Next Level

Time flies when you're curating an outfit-layout snap worthy of uploading to your feed. We'll easily — shamelessly — spend a good 10 minutes (sometimes more) on the backdrop, lighting, and composition for each of these 'grams. But, after laying eyes on Giulia Scalese's insanely cool visual diary, The Collecteur, we feel like total amateurs.
Scalese tells us she initially started creating personality-filled fashion still lifes for fun, using clothes and accessories from her personal collection. But, they've been so successful that six months later, she's gone beyond her own closet to include a bevy of designers, like Fendi, Kenzo, and Miu Miu. Did we mention it's all available to shop, too? Perfection.
"My love of quirky, colorful items — combined with a background in photography, digital manipulation, and visual merchandising — is essentially what lead me here," Scalese says. "I'm highly inspired by bold characters and funky personalities, which I try to convey in each image." The result is mesmerizing: We love looking at each piece and trying to decode its elements. Here, she's combined one-and-a-half pairs of Charlotte Olympia flats with a single Marc by Marc Jacobs studded earring for an abstract design titled, "Lady with Mole." She certainly has a way of making fashion come alive.
Click through for an art gallery like you've never seen. And, if you're as obsessed as we are, we suggest giving Scalese's Instagram handle, @thecollecteur, a follow and maybe purchasing one of her prints.