Thanksgiving Puppy Miracle! 40 Rescued Beagles Arrive In L.A.

Sometimes you don't know how or why you end up on particular press lists, but today we were sent into a Thanksgiving tizzy over a (possibly misplaced?) alert over loads of rescue beagles making their way into Los Angeles. This week, 40 pure-bred Beagles from testing facilities in Spain landed at LAX — to experience their very first time playing on the grass, being petting gently, or seeing sunshine.
If that doesn't melt your turkey-filled insides, then take a gander at the Beagle Freedom Project's success stories, which document these formerly captive creatures' experience of being loved for the first time. The group of 40 are being fostered in West Hollywood, but if canine-lovers are looking to take a well-behaved, but still special-needs Beagle (or as the site calls them, freegle) into their homes, they can.
Adoption fees are $300, but that includes all their medical expenses and microchipping. Or if you're moved to help but can't take on a pet, the Beagle Freedom Project is a non-profit, meaning any donation you make to them is tax-deductible. Either way, this heart-warming story about one of our favorite breeds is the perfect post-Thanksgiving pick-me-up. All together now: Awwww.