10 Popular Teen Clothing Items That Could Make Their Way Into Your Closet

Alright, let's be real here: What you're about to see might be somewhat hard to accept — and you're right. The 10 trends ahead are indeed ugly, weird, and maybe even a bit off. But that is exactly the point — where the too-cool hipster was ironic, today's coolest teens are post-ironic, meaning things (and clothing) that were once considered absurd are now "in." Things like airport baseball caps and Justin Bieber merch.
Today, fashion is subscribing to an "anything goes" mentality. If nobody can tell whether or not your look is a joke, that means you're doing it right. That's why dressing like our dads has popped off in the past year and the Vetements DHL T-shirt became such a thing. But if you're not accustomed to this type of aesthetic, mastering it isn't as simple as getting dressed in the dark. There is an art to the "no fucks given" attitude.
In the slideshow ahead, you'll find the pieces that perfectly perpetuate post-irony. I can't guarantee that all of these items will be in your closet in the coming years, but I can guarantee that if you dig the direction that fashion is headed (as pioneered by today's teens), you're bound to find something you love.

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