10 Fresh Buys Made By Teen Designers

Most of the designers that everyone's heard of are well into adulthood; the Vera Wangs, Calvin Kleins, and even Alexander Wangs of the world are veterans when it comes to running their own companies. But thanks to the Internet, the fashion industry is no longer limited to people with full-blown empires and corporations behind them.

These days, up-and-coming designers not only have access to a World Wide Web of inspiration, they also have the opportunity to show off (via Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and actually sell (through Squarespace-made sites or platforms like Tictail or Etsy) the pieces they're producing. And in a sea of fast-fashion everything, there's nothing better than stumbling upon an indie brand that's making something really good.

To give you a taste of this young talent, we've rounded up some fresh buys from designers under the age of 20. Click on to familiarize yourself with these names before they become the next big things.

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