Tech It Out! 15 Way-Cool Accessories For Every Type Of Gadget

At this point, it's likely you've opened up a few presents and are lounging in your most comfortable PJs. Now the time has come to either watch Love Actually just one more time or to play with that newest tech goodie Santa brought. Sound about right? Well, if you’re partaking in the latter, good for you (we’re only slightly totally jealous of your new tablet, fancy phone, or laptop). But, with a new, pretty gadget comes the need for a new, pretty accessory to match it. Because, in a time when we're practically married to our technology, each gizmo might as well look as good as we do, right?
Whether you just received an iPad, sleek new monitor, the latest Samsung Galaxy phone, or paper-thin laptop, these 15 must-buy tech accessories are guaranteed to get you fashionably wired. Go on, add just one more gift to that shopping cart — you know you want to.

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