Taste The Rainbow With These Good-Enough-To-Eat Gem Earrings

Jewelry can go one of two ways: blinged out or understated. And while we dig rocks, metallics, and shine in pretty much all shapes and sizes, it's nice to find pieces that aren't necessarily "statements" by way of size, but rather by way of quality and longevity. Enter Suzanne Felsen's new array of candy-colored gemstone studs, just in time for Halloween. The sophisticated line boasts Topaz, Amethyst, Onyx, and Citrine — now these are colors we can really get into, regardless of season and trend. And, while priced between $240 and $450, the earrings will set you back more than a bag of candy, the sugar rush from these sparkly morsels lasts way longer. Choose your flavor, and stock up here.

Photos: Courtesy of Suzanne Felsen