R29ers Spill Their Summer Wish Lists

For fashion editors, having to choose between Breton stripes and graphic prints is just as difficult as selecting a favorite flavor of ice cream. We want all the patterns, and all the icy sweets. But, twist our arms and we'll settle for a pineapple-pattern bikini and birthday-cake-flavored gelato...at least, for this week.
Well, we've each decided on our one, must-have item for summer, too. Want to know what R29's stylish lot is obsessing? If Singaporean-food-inspired tees, paint-splattered jeans, and an unbelievably soft button-down that won't cost a small fortune are your bag, you're in for a treat — and not the frozen kind. After all, it's not really a lazy Sunday until you've properly indulged. So, consider the slideshow ahead your recommended serving for today.

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