15 End-Of-Summer Buys You Can Still Wear Come Fall

Summer sales can do a number on our wallets. The end of August rolls around, and suddenly all the plunging-neckline dresses and tie-strap tank-tops you've been eyeing all season long are 20, 30, 50, and sometimes, even 75% off — and that's hard to resist. Since warm-weather is on its way out, it may feel like a waste to buy pieces with little-to-no fabric. But before you count them out completely and wish you just paid full-price for them back in May, why not consider how you can style them once fall rolls around?
Since layering season will soon be upon us (something we're genuinely excited about), when taking advantage of those end-of-summer steals, look for: camis that can be easily worn over a turtleneck — our favorite fall and winter styling trick — dresses that work over tights, and strapless pieces that sit nicely over an oxford shirt or long-sleeve tee. In other words, gravitate towards items that lend themselves to transitional styling. This way, you can enjoy those last-of-the-season shopping sprees without fear of having to pack your new buys away after just one wear. Endless summer, here we come.
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