4 Ways To Let Your Bra Show In Public, Because It's Just That Hot Out

Bralettes have officially become a staple in any fashion girl's wardrobe. And they are even more vital in summer, a season when anything goes (and frankly, when it's too hot to wear a thick, padded bra). These lighter options literally become the first thing we grab for wearing under our tees, tanks, and dresses.
And while we're used to showing them off in the expected ways, like under a tee or sheer top, there are some more unexpected (advanced, if you will) ways to style this fashionable piece of underclothing. It's all about playing with silhouettes that let your pretty bralette be a focal point of your outfit instead of fading into the background. And since you're already showing more skin in the summer months anyway, it can't be that difficult to show off a lacy strap or two, right?
So, click on for a few fresh ways to wear your bralettes, and if it does get so hot that you end up taking off all the extra stuff and just chilling on that rooftop in your bra, well, frankly, we support you. Here's to braletting your way straight through Summer '17.