The Shoe Trend That's Giving Us Spring Fever

Ah, spring. The time of year where we can unbind our toes from a deep hibernation in thick winter boots and double-layered cotton socks. It's been so long that we've forgotten the simplicities of the warmth of the sun hitting our fresh pedicures, and the refreshing feel of a breeze passing by our ankles. Spring is the season for new life, and we think that applies to our feet too. While some may read this as an intro towards admitting a foot fetish, others who know the joy of pulling your flip-flops and sandals out of storage will understand.
But this spring, we're not wearing any old open-toed shoes. Suede sandals, mules, kitten heels, pool slides, flatforms, and "grandma" heels have been popping up just about everywhere, and in a fun kaleidoscope of colors, too. Basically, there's not one silhouette you won't find in swanky suede. It's time to let your feet rejoin the world of the living with a bit more breathing room and a bit more color.