Don’t Look Like A Tourist: This Bracelet Is Also A Subway Map

You do it. We do it. But none of us like to do it in public. We're referring to the sometimes-awkward, "hope-I-don't-look-like-I'm-from-out-of-town" moment when you need to check the subway map. While we all like to think we're truly knowledgeable New Yorkers and natural Metro Magellans of the NYC subway system, sometimes that's just not the case. Here's something a little less conspicuous than unfolding a map more sprawling than the New York Times.
The folks at Design Hype have shrunk down that helpful subway map and given it a shiny new makeover. Made of stainless steel, the NYC Metro Cuff has the city's subway lines and streets embossed along the curve of the wrist. Okay, it's certainly no Cartier, but when cell-phone service cuts out underground and there's suddenly a change of plans, you can avoid the panic with something as simple and cute as a silver cuff. It's better than sticking your head over a stranger's shoulder to get a look at the map on the train wall, don't you think?

NYC Metro Cuffs, $37, available at Design Hype.

Photo: Courtesy of Design Hype