26 Spiked Seltzer Brands To Sip On Now

Hard seltzer isn't exactly a new concept. We first started seeing cans of spiked bubbly water in summer 2016. Since then, however, the drink trend has only grown. One of Nielsen's 2020 predictions for the alcoholic beverage category was that "the number of players in the hard seltzer space will double," and sales growth for boozy seltzer is continuing to significantly outperform that of other alcoholic beverages.
Clearly, there are a lot of different brands offering the very sippable beverage, and new ones are popping up all the time. Recently, many well-established beer, liquor, and seltzer companies have released their own versions of the drink and totally new companies whose sole focus is spike seltzer have been created.
With so many options out there, drinkers will easily be able to find the hard seltzer that makes their lives a little more bubbly. These brands offer a variety of unique flavors, alcohol contents, and can sizes. In other words, there's a spiked seltzer out there for every kind of sipper.
Ahead, you'll see 26 different hard seltzer brands that are currently available. Take a look and begin planning a taste test that will keep you sipping until spiked seltzer season officially begins this summer.

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